Our Mission

Mission - Back GardenAt Aktiva nurseries we strive to provide a safe, fun and friendly environment where our children build confidence and broadens experience.





Mission - Yoga

Healthy Lifestyle

Developing healthy habits from a young age is crucial and it is part of our mission. That's why we are passionate about providing fresh, tasty and nutritious meals at Highfield House, alongside instilling healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.


We also know that being healthy extends beyond healthy eating.  Providing children with an environment which is safe, fun and friendly is paramount. At Highfield House the children are exposed to extensive and wonderful outdoor facilities where they can explore, investigate and discover. We also offer a full range of indoors and outdoors activities throughout the day, where children are able to learn about movement and develop both their fine and gross motors skills.


Our Food

Each day our experienced in-house chef freshly prepares all of our food on site.

Mission - Pizza


Our meals are homemade, well-balanced and diverse, which help develop little taste buds. They incorporate seasonal fruit and vegetables.  We maintain a flexible approach and adapt our menus based on dietary requirements of our children.




Vegetable garden

We tend our own fruit and vegetable patch with the children. This encourages them not only to nurture their precious world and use renewable resources, but also to enjoy learning about fruit and vegetables, as well as eating some unusual flavours.